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“But an adult if he is to provide proper guidance, must always be calm and act slowly so that the child who is watching him can clearly see his actions in all their particulars.” - Maria Montessori

Anne Dimoff - Principal

Anne Dimoff - PrincipalAnne's profile will be uploaded soon.

Amutha Perumal - Casa Teacher

Amutha Perumal - Casa TeacherI completed my primary Montessori credentials at Toronto Montessori Institute and started working with Agincourt Montessori School since 2004. Before joining AMS, I worked with special needs children for more then 5 years. I also hold a masters degree in Economics from India where I was born and raised. I feel passionate about following a child and also creating an environment that fosters child’s independence. I believe that Montessori is a perfect discipline to offer children opportunity to develop their character, self awareness and knowledge base; it offers opportunities for children to truly to live up to their highest human potential. I feel blessed to work with the children and be a part of AMS family. I appreciate the support of the administration and parents.

Sylvia Lee - Casa Teacher

Sylvia Lee - Casa TeacherSylvia's profile will be uploaded soon.

Tinny Cheng - Casa Assistant

Tinny Cheng - Casa TeacherMy name is Tinny Cheng and I have been a teacher's assistant in the CASA classroom at Agincourt Montessori for over 20 years. I enjoy being a part of each student's journey as they mature. They grow so much from the first day to the last day of school!  By helping them become more responsible and independent I get to be a part of that journey.

Tina Yang - Elementary Teacher

Tina Yang - Elementary Teacher

My name is Mrs. Yang and I work as the Elementary teacher (Grades 1-3) at AMSI.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, an Associate degree in Speech Communication, and a Minor degree in Chinese from Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  I attended Montessori Teachers College, where I completed my Early Childhood Certification in 2007 and my Lower Elementary Certification in 2008.  I started working as a teacher’s assistant at KMPS and was offered a full-time position as a Lower Elementary teacher at AMSI in February 2009.  I feel most honoured and privileged to be able to work alongside dedicated colleagues as well as brilliant young minds.  My passion for Montessori education was kindled by a directress who showed me an alternative way to teach and guide, and for that I will be forever grateful.  “Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life”  A teacher’s main task is not so much to teach but to lead and guide inquisitive minds to learn and explore in the prepared environment, and to embark on a rewarding and satisfying journey of self-learning, self-discovery and self-fulfillment.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that the rapport we enjoy is infectious and the love and joy we share is potent.

Mme. Zina Bolinga - French Teacher

Mme. Zina Bolinga - French Teacher

Hello, my name is Zina Bolinga and I have been teaching children at Agincourt and Kennedy Montessori for more than 10 years. I have a little girl who attends one of our schools.  She started in the toddler program and she is now in casa and she loves being there!  What I love about Montessori is that it's a wonderful way for a child to begin their education, both academically and emotionally. I enjoy every aspect of teaching and I have come to understand that children can teach us as much as we teach them. I believe that the most important skills to have when working with children are patience, flexibility and love. The most amazing thing is to see, or hear, one of your students apply what you have taught them and see the excitement on their face.  For me French is a beautiful language that extends your horizon and teaches you to see the world from another angle.  It's not only an open door to a different culture, it's also a different grammar, hence a different expression of reality.


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