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About Agincourt Montessori School

Where a love for learning becomes your roadmap for life.

Agincourt Montessori School has a high-quality academic curriculum that is delivered in every program. Whether your child is gifted and talented, or requires support in specific areas, Agincourt Montessori School has the qualified staff to meet your child's needs.

Based upon the Canadian Achievement Test (a nationally standardized test that most schools administer annually), our elementary students perform at an extraordinarily high level. In addition, we see the following increase in national percentile from grade 3 through grade 6.

  • The average increase in math over two grades or more is 12% higher.
  • The average increase in language over two grades or more is 18% higher.

Getting your child enrolled in a Montessori program yields incredible benefits at an early age. The results and growth we see in children is a testament to the high-level of programming we offer.

Here is what our parents say about Agincourt Montessori School:

  • We have caring, committed teachers who treat your children like family.
  • Our curriculum and classrooms are where the learning is matched to the child's own pace.
  • We provide an education that creates independent, confident, self-directed children.
  • We offer individualized attention that adapts to a wide range of student abilities using a hands-on learning approach.
  • We infuse into every aspect of the school a values-based education that builds character, responsibility and accountability in each child.

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